At the heart of any good investing strategy is picking a stock. You can buy the one your friend recommended…or you can invest in the stock that you researched, you decide. All option prices are based off movement in their corresponding stock.

So if you’re just starting out, this is right where you want to be.

What is a Stock?

What is a Stock

A stock is a partial ownership in a company or corporation. For explanation purposes, we will address shares of a publicly traded company. To put it plainly, owning stock lets you share in a company’s…


How To Do Stock Research

One of the biggest mistakes new and old investors make is not researching their own stocks. I’m sure you know many people who simply wait to hear the next big stock on CNBC and run…


Trading Psychology

Many have heard that trading in the stock market is a mental exercise. Rarely is it so simple as to place a trade and just wait for the profits to roll in. ‘Set it and forget it‘ doesn’t…


Trading Options For A Living

If you really want to be profitable with your investing and trading you must first take it seriously. Now I know you’re probably thinking ‘how am I not going to take my own money seriously‘?  …